• Deliriant (2017)

    Deliriant (2017)

    Deliriant is a non-linear exploration narrative experience in which the environment evolves as a character and drives the story through player interaction.

  • Counter Agents (2016)

    Counter Agents (2016)

    Counter Agents is a spy-themed, head-to-head multiplayer game where your objective is to sneak around guards, steal a briefcase, and make it to an exit point before your opponent.

  • M.A. Warrior (2016)

    M.A. Warrior (2016)

    A free to play mobile game with in-app purchases available on the iOS and Android App Stores. M.A. Warrior™ is a martial arts fighting game using the Muay Thai style.

  • IncogFerno (2015-16)

    IncogFerno (2015-16)

    Published on itch.io, this is a Victorian-era puzzle stealth game where you play as an ember that must use flame to survive as you progress towards freedom.

  • Chill Island (2016)

    Chill Island (2016)

    Second Place Award Winner in the Games4Health Clinical Challenge! Chill Island is a game designed to relieve stress and prompt a relaxation response as you wander around a mysterious island and discover unique sights and sounds.

  • Manta Day (2015)

    Manta Day (2015)

    2015 Unity, PC Third Place Winner in the 2015 National White House Climate Game Jam. Help a young girl and her manta ray friend to stop pollution all around the world. For more info on the the Climate Game Jam.

  • Castle Splash! (2017)

    Castle Splash! (2017)

    Castle Splash was a game made during the 48 hour long Global Game Jam 2017. Protect your sand castle from the crashing ocean waves and the changing tides!

  • Behind a Closing (2016)

    Behind a Closing (2016)

    Using the concept of “gaslighting” which is a form of mental abuse in which the abuser falsifies information to the point where the victim loses perception of what is real, players wander an environment that literally shifts around them.

  • Counter Agents (2015)

    Counter Agents (2015)

    Counter Agents turns stealth into head to head multiplayer as you and your opponent must sneak around guards to collect and escape with a briefcase.

  • Diabetes Run (2015)

    Diabetes Run (2015)

    Balance your glucose intake by not allowing foods you consume to move your blood sugar levels too high or too low.

  • Mazing Dog (2015)

    Mazing Dog (2015)

    As a dog, use your incredible sense of smell to view the world around you in color and to find your way through mazes!

  • YoVenture (2015)

    YoVenture (2015)

    This is a 2D Puzzle Platformer where you must use your Yoyo to overcome obstacles and take out enemies.

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