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Any chance I get to squeeze in a little time, I love entering Game Jams and Game Developing competitions!


April 2, 2016

IMG_0984Chill Island took Second Place in the Clinical Challenge! We worked very hard to bring Chill Island to its current build and reach all competition criteria, so we were excited to receive this award.

From over 70 Universities including 12 different countries in participation, this was a global event. And with over 120 submissions split into 5 different categories, we were honored that the judges took notice in our game to the extent of awarding us 2nd place. In the morning of March 31, we were able to present our games as an “Arcade” setting for anyone to playtest. That same evening, Games4Health put on a Gala event which included an award ceremony announcing the winners.IMG_0973


March 15, 2016

Since January of this year, Team Cinder and I have collaborated and worked on a project called Chill Island for the Games 4 Health competition. The aim of this contest is to develop games that “increaChill Island 2se the health and quality of life for millions of people”. Within G4H, there are five individual challenges you can sign up for that touch on more specific aspects of healthcare. Chill Island fit nicely into the GE Healthcare Clinical Challenge, which emphasizes the “triple-aim of healthcare: affordable services with ubiquitous access, and high quality.” Chill Island is a game designed to relax and relieve stress. Using Google Cardboard VR, you explore unique sights and sounds of a mysterious island.

diabetesRunPlayDiabetes Run, a game I worked on with Team Rapid is also in G4H submission under the Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah – Chronic Disease Challenge. Designed for recently diagnosed diabetic patients in their youth, Diabetes Run helps players manage their new lifestyles with an entertaining and motivating way to track their blood-sugar levels.

Now that everything is submitted, we now wait until the end of March when the judging is complete and the awards ceremony is held. Wish us well!



December, 2015

ClimateGameJamLogo-480In October, I helped influence many of my fellow classmates in the EAE program at the University of Utah to enter the White House ClimatmantaDaye Game Jam. We were introduced with the question of how to build awareness of the adapting climate and given 24 hours to create a game. After teams were formed, we developed our concepts and began prototyping. What we came up with was Manta Day, a game where you play as a young girl riding on top of her friend manta ray. Together you go around the world and spread the world about climate change and stop pollution.

Manta Day ended up taking third place in the nation! We were very honored to receive this award. We were also very pleased with what we accomplished in just 24 hours.

Check out my Manta Day Portfolio Page.



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