Castle Splash! (2017)

Castle Splash! (2017)

Protect your sand castle from the crashing ocean waves and the changing tides! Collect sand by digging trenches and use it to build up wall defenses! Bolster your stronghold by upgrading your walls with more sand! Enjoy this beach themed game inspired by a childhood memory!

Castle Splash was a game made during the 48 hour long Global Game Jam 2017 by nine college students. GGJ is the world’s largest game jam with over 600 hosting locations in over 90 countries and thousands of participants and created games!

You can play Castle Splash here on the Global Game Jam site. Or on


My role: 

Team Lead. I organized tasks for my team of engineers, artists and one audio designer using Trello. I encouraged my teammates to maximize their potential during this 48 hour global event.

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