Chill Island (2016)

Chill Island (2016)

(2016) Unity, Mobile

Second Place Award Winner in the Games4Health Clinical Challenge! Chill Island is a game designed to relieve stress and prompt a relaxation response as you wander around a mysterious island and discover unique sights and sounds. Using Google Cardboard VR, we follow GE Healthcare’s triple-aim of healthcare, “affordable services with ubiquitous access, and high quality”.

Teaser Trailer

Commercialization Video

My Role:

As both the Creative Director and a Producer of this game, I organized long term and short term goals and deadlines to ensure it was completed with maximized quality potential and in time for the Games4Health competition. I set up playtesting events, recorded and applied feedback. I was the lead in health research for the project as well as the script writer and narrator for our Commercialization Video.

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