Deliriant (2017)

Deliriant (2017)

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About Deiriant:

Published May 23, 2017 on PlayStation 4.

Set in a realistic 3D vision of the 1970s, Deliriant allows players to have a non-linear exploration narrative experience in which the environment evolves as a character and drives the story through player interaction. 

As a mother of a troubled family of four, dig through the history and home you share with your husband and children. Peek into their personal space to gain insight into who they are and the emotions they feel towards each other.
The environment responds to your presence and interaction as you explore, reflecting the emotions your family have toward you and your own inability to cope with life.

The Deliriant project is a part of Manic Interactive, LLC, which consists of 13 developers.

My role:

• Conducted User Research and closely worked with design team to implement playtester feedback throughout iteration-based development.
• Lead social media marketing. Designed and maintained the company website,
• Assisted in key design decisions and updating Jira sprint logs.

Teaser Trailer:



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