IncogFerno (2015-16)

IncogFerno (2015-16)

(2015) Unreal Engine 4, PC

In this Victorian-era puzzle stealth game, you play as an ember that must use flame to survive as you progress towards freedom and a permanent source of fuel. Avoid staying in the dark for too long, while using the guard’s lanterns to traverse obstacles scattered throughout the map. Go too long without a source and you’ll fizzle out! Navigate this new take on a stealth game!

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My Role:

I motivated my team by building a hardworking culture on top of organizing non-project related team building exercises from rock climbing to simply providing meals. I couldn’t be more proud of the team we created, Team Cinder, as everyone contributed their expert talents while maintaining flexible schedules. I made sure this brilliant team not only to stayed motivated, but also reach potential. I organized daily standup meetings and ensured everyone had fair input into the game. When we saw that our initial “refugee narrative” game was reaching dead ends in terms of unique gameplay, I pitched my idea of using a flame sprite as the main character who would try to stay in the light rather than the darkness. This idea quickly became my team’s favored focus, and we were excited to bring the concept to life.

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