M.A. Warrior (2016)

M.A. Warrior (2016)


M.A. Warrior™ is a martial arts fighting game using the Muay Thai style. Available on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android, you can download it today for free. Play as real male and female professional fighters and work your way through the ranks to become champion. You can train and unlock  different moves and customize attributes such as strength and stamina of your fighter. M.A. Warrior™ offers a new perspective on the popular Muay Thai fighting style using an intuitive control set. There are also in-app purchases to increase for game coins to increase your fighter’s skills. M.A. Warrior™ was made in Unity and is compatible Android mobile devices, Tablets, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (iOS 9.1 or later).


My Role:

I was the Project Manager for completing the game and publishing it on the App Store. Working for Mallcoaster, LLC, I played a major role in finding capable teammates who I worked alongside to locate and solve programming errors in Unity and Xcode. I QA tested and ensured that the project was run efficiently and the game would run bug free. We ran into major hurdles such as Linker Errors in Xcode as well as monetization and user data not being correctly saved. Despite these issues along with urgent deadlines, I stepped up to the plate as an encouraging leader who hands on worked with and motivated my teammates to resolving the errors to create this professional quality video game.



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