Manta Day (2015)

Manta Day (2015)

Third Place Winner in the 2015 National White House Climate Game Jam!ClimateGameJamLogo-480

October 2015, I helped influence many of my fellow classmates in the EAE program at the University of Utah to enter the White House Climate Game Jam. We were introduced with the
question of how to build awareness of the adapting climate and given 24 hours to create a game. After teams were formed, we developed our concepts and began prototyping. What we came up with was Manta Day, a game where you play as a young girl riding on top of her friend manta ray. Together you go around the world and spread the world about climate change and stop pollution.

Manta Day ended up taking third place in the nation! We were very honored to receive this award. We were also very pleased with what we accomplished in just 24 hours.

Manta Day Trailer


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