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Archives December 2021

Whack Games – What To Expect? advertises itself as an online Desktop Arcade Challenge, While there is certainly an element of challenge, and it can be played on your desktop, I’m not sure what kind of arcade could house such an arcade game. It’s been years since I’ve been to an arcade, but I’m able to say that even back then the games available are a lot more technologically advanced than this. In actual fact, you’re more likely to come across similar games on fairground, and perhaps an appropriate title is It’s a desktop-based and quite difficult game that’s controlled by a shady man , whose roots lie in a dispute that hasn’t been been cleaned for a few months, and is dubbed Challenge. Much more intriguing I’m sure you’ll think so. The games are available for free at
Let’s get to the review, Whack Games are a small and easy game that will take away just a few minutes for you. It also brings the memories of childhood playing similar games like the well-known ‘Whack Mole’. You’ll also be simultaneously making everyone other people in the office look at you while you flash a ridiculous smile. However, you’ll not care since during that moment you’ll start to focus on the task you’re playing and will not be aware of people who are laughing behind your back.

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