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Archives March 2022

Anger of Stick 5 : Game Review

Anger of Stick 5 zombie is an action-packed mobile game that blends the adventure and action genres. you play as a classic stickman with basic graphics, yet extremely difficult gameplay. Anger on stick 5 zombie was launched on the market by NESM which is a game maker located in South Korea on June 8 in 2016, and has since become one of the top games of the year. With a download total of over 3 million, the game is receiving enough love from different groups that comprise Android and iOS players. More Stickman Games at

Afraid of Stick 5 The zombies is playable offline or online modes. Both modes have advantages and disadvantages, for instance, it is possible to play online, you are able to participate in different missions and also earn rewards from different sources, including advertisements and discounts on certain items within the game. However, if you prefer to play the game and experience the full experience, you can play the game without an internet connection. Get it on GOOGLE PLAY

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