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Fly Or Die – My Favorite Game About Evolution is a brand-new, exclusive free-for-all evolution .io game! In this game, you’ll be spawned as a tiny flying creature! Explore the map to evolve it! Consume food you discover on the map for more experience! You must fight other players you meet on the big map! This game is truly distinct from the other .io games! You will be able to play for plenty of enjoyment! Take on your adversaries! If you die, you can watch them die! There are many kinds of biomes and ground levels, such as caves or space! You can progress to the top and show your foes who’s the king! There’s also an official leaderboard system! If you’d like to be the first, you need to accumulate the most experience points feasible! What are you waiting on?

Your task is to eat food and grow! The top of the screen you’ll see the foods that you are currently required to eat in order to earn points towards experience! The food items you must consume will also glow in green! However, remember to be aware! While playing, it is possible to will encounter dangerous creatures! Other players also pose danger! Each dangerous creature and bird will be glowing red!