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Whack Games – What To Expect?

Whack Games – What To Expect? advertises itself as an online Desktop Arcade Challenge, While there is certainly an element of challenge, and it can be played on your desktop, I’m not sure what kind of arcade could house such an arcade game. It’s been years since I’ve been to an arcade, but I’m able to say that even back then the games available are a lot more technologically advanced than this. In actual fact, you’re more likely to come across similar games on fairground, and perhaps an appropriate title is It’s a desktop-based and quite difficult game that’s controlled by a shady man , whose roots lie in a dispute that hasn’t been been cleaned for a few months, and is dubbed Challenge. Much more intriguing I’m sure you’ll think so. The games are available for free at
Let’s get to the review, Whack Games are a small and easy game that will take away just a few minutes for you. It also brings the memories of childhood playing similar games like the well-known ‘Whack Mole’. You’ll also be simultaneously making everyone other people in the office look at you while you flash a ridiculous smile. However, you’ll not care since during that moment you’ll start to focus on the task you’re playing and will not be aware of people who are laughing behind your back.

The purpose for the game quite evident and is just a matter of the name being an apt description. When you start the game, you’ll be greeted by nine buttons, each with a face that is either sad, happy, or a bit grumpy. When the game starts, they’ll be lit up and you must hit the lit-up figures as fast that you are able to. As time passes, the amount of figures lighting up, making the game more difficult. Every game can last for 30 seconds or one minute depending on the level of activity you’re in.

If you’re looking for a game to is concerned, it’s pretty well. The device , as the majority of desktop time assassins powered by plugging it into your computer’s USB port. It doesn’t matter what kind of computer you are using since there is no software to be installed. If you’re not looking to drain a precious USB port, then Whack It also uses battery power, and that’s an awesome feature for a game similar to this. Since this is a simple game, the user interface is designed to be compatible with. There’s a stop and start button at the front, as well as an LCD screen that will display your scores during the game A speaker that is hidden beneath gives you some very old-fashioned electronic sound effects and there are two switches in addition to this one; one switch the game between normal or ‘try me’ that is only used in retail shops and you’ll be able to forget about it. The other switch changes the game’s play modes between thirty seconds or one minute, and then off. However, there doesn’t seem be a way to turn the sound off, which is unfortunate as it can be quite annoying to those who are around.

The game is constructed of plastic that is quite tough and the team behind the game have thought about this because it has suckers at its feet to ensure that it doesn’t fall off in the event that a player who is heavy handed is able to hit it too hard. If, like me, the thought of another USB cable that is loose makes your blood boil Then you can do as I’ve done by keeping the lower part of the packaging in place as it provides an area to place the problem item into, keeping things tidy. That doesn’t mean you should don’t do anything, but for me personally, I’d rather not run the chance of hitting someone sitting in front of me with my neatness any day.


Overall, this is an enjoyable little toy that won’t offend anyone (apart from the occasional mole-man) and could make an ideal Christmas stocking stuffer or even a surprise present for a colleague working. What length of time it’ll be used for isn’t sure. If you’re like me, I’d guess that once or twice is the answer . Then more when it is found in the drawer on your desk. It’s a great, harmless game.

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