Welcome to JamesGamesProductions.com! My name is James Montgomery. I love game development and working alongside the talented and creative people that are a part of the industry! As a Game Producer and Designer my top priority is honest, dependable, and positive communication - game dev is all about teamwork after all. Through many exciting hours of dedicated hard work, I have published games on Steam, the App Store and PlayStation 4 and have earned National and Global awards! I have a Master's degree in Entertainment Arts & Engineering (game design essentially) from the University of Utah. I am also Co-Founder and Director of Marketing & User Experience of the indie game development company, Manic Interactive, LLC.

Some of my work

  • Deliriant (2017)

    Deliriant (2017)

    Deliriant is a non-linear exploration narrative experience in which the environment evolves as a character and drives the story through player interaction.

  • Counter Agents (2016)

    Counter Agents (2016)

    Counter Agents is a spy-themed, head-to-head multiplayer game where your objective is to sneak around guards, steal a briefcase, and make it to an exit point before your opponent.

  • M.A. Warrior (2016)

    M.A. Warrior (2016)

    A free to play mobile game with in-app purchases available on the iOS and Android App Stores. M.A. Warrior™ is a martial arts fighting game using the Muay Thai style.

  • IncogFerno (2015-16)

    IncogFerno (2015-16)

    Published on itch.io, this is a Victorian-era puzzle stealth game where you play as an ember that must use flame to survive as you progress towards freedom.

  • Chill Island (2016)

    Chill Island (2016)

    Second Place Award Winner in the Games4Health Clinical Challenge! Chill Island is a game designed to relieve stress and prompt a relaxation response as you wander around a mysterious island and discover unique sights and sounds.

  • Manta Day (2015)

    Manta Day (2015)

    2015 Unity, PC Third Place Winner in the 2015 National White House Climate Game Jam. Help a young girl and her manta ray friend to stop pollution all around the world. For more info on the the Climate Game Jam.

Some of my skills

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    From leading with Agile Project Management methodology to simply just organizing group activities, I know what it takes to be a positive, influential teammate who will lead projects and get things done.

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    Publishing Experience

    With titles published on PlayStation 4, Steam, itch.io, Google Play and the App Store, I have a broad range of publishing skillsets such as company creation, networking, profile organization, website development, social media management, and advertising.

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    Management Software & Tools

    Slack, Trello, Jira, HacknPlan, Skype, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Office, Powerpoint, Screen Recording Software, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition.

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    Art & Design Software

    Adobe Photoshop (Intermediate), Maya (Modeling, UV Mapping & Texturing, Rigging & Animating), ZBrush (Texturing Basics), Unity 5 (Level Design Basics), Unreal Engine 4 (Blueprint & Level Design Basics).

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    To me, video game development is the most important form of art in the current century because it is a combined effort of talents and creativity from multiple disciplines that allows people to play inside the imaginations of others. My joy is working alongside these talented individuals and making these imaginations come to life!

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    Now this one's for fun. Of course I'm a gamer! Here's some of my favorite games and series of all time: The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, Okami, Persona, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Quest, Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Dark Cloud, Twisted Metal, Time Splitters, Silent Hill, Rocket League, Overwatch, and so much more.

Email me at jameeb7@gmail.com